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Monday, 1 January 2007

Customer Reviews

I purchased this, this morning and I can’t believe the level of detail she shows in the tutorial. This one is for a cute baby topper but it gives you the fundamentals of body shape, clothing, how to make hands (I’ve always had real problems in that area!) and the list goes on and on at what you would be able to adapt the instructions for! Best of all no postage costs!!! For me living in New Zealand I have purchased every modelling book on the market, but Lorraine’s tutorial is by far the most comprehensive and easy to follow (IMHO)! I have paid a fortune in books in the past and the postage has usually been more than the book!! So being web based is just fabulous! I am just so excited I just needed to share! Thank you so much Lorraine for sharing your amazing talent with us… you totally rock! I hope this will be the first of many!!! Kathryn Harris/New Zealand

I bought your female character tutorial. I hadn't used it until now. I needed to model a nurse for a retirement cake, so I thought I thought I'd use your tutorial to help. It was brilliant!!. I think it's one of my best models yet. Thank you so much for your hard work in putting them together for us all. If you ever do any standing figure tutorial I would definitely buy that! Lynn Sloan / Ayreshire, Scotland

Your tutorials are wonderful! This isn’t perfect by any means, but it’s such a long way from what I tried a year ago! ;) Thanks, Lorraine! Tonisha Moore / Fort Washington, MD, USA

I have to show this fabulous cake...did you think it was me who created it? Wrong! This is a wonderful creation by Kathy Trudeau from Michigan, USA. Kilts in America! I love it! Superb work Kathy. Thank you so much for sending this to me. It's a fantastic advert! :o)

Hi Lorraine Attached are the pictures of my interpretation of your tutorial "Bear Hugs". All my friends loved it. Hope you like it too. I only had difficulty in forming the hands, also for baby and woman models too. Thank you again for your wonderful work and detailed information. Hope the next tutorial won't take long... Lots of love, Aylin Hastaoglu / Istanbul, Turkey. "Lorraine says: Go check out my 'How to make hands with character' under Tutorials for some Extra help!"

Thank you Lorraine! I cant wait to try it!!! bring on more! Samele Thorner/California

Hi Lorraine, I spent the afternoon pouring over the content of your new tutorial and wanted to show you the end result after using it for the first time.Lorraine it is simply amazing. I think I own every single modelling book there is on the market but none of them explain things so simply with such detailed step by step photos. It is really incredible and I have to say I was so pleased and surprised at what I was able to achieve!!! I really look forward to using and adapting what I have learned from this tutorial onto my future cakes…. I can never thank you enough for sharing your incredible talent with us all. Kathryn Harris / New Zealand

"I used Aine2's fabulous baby tutorial which was great to use and I sincerely hope I did it justice...I changed a few things like adding a teddy and I tried to make my baby look younger. I painted his hair on using royal icing and the rest is just fondant/gumtex. If you are reading this Lorraine..Thank You!!!" Jane Knoll / Canada

I ordered Lorraine's tutorial today (got the link within a couple of hours) and it is amazing! Every little detail is covered, including all of the tools needed and how to make the modelling paste and glue. The step-by-step instructions are very detailed, but clear and easy to follow and the pictures really help (especially for visual learners like me!). I cannot recommend it enough! Thanks Lorraine (you are the modelling Queen!) Kelly/"A Londoner in Ireland!"

"Your videos are amazing! You have inspired me to create using gumpaste." created by Liz Perpinan / Debary, Florida

Created by Jenny / Staffordshire, Burton on Trent

I just wanted to say thank you. I made my first figure last week and I think he turned out really well. Nothing like yours but with practice maybe I can get close. I used your face tutorial and the baby shower cake tutorial that I bought a couple of months back from you. It helped out so much. Keep up the good work. Jenn / Burlington, North Carolina

Hi Ms McKay, I just wanted to show you my baby cake topper, finally finished. Actually, this is the second one - a little better than the first. I know there is room for improvement (especially on the face and hands) but I really don't mind practicing, as a matter of fact I love it a lot! Your tutorial is fabulous! I am hoping to make a better one for my friend who is expecting her first baby. I added a little bear on this topper just because my 20 month old son has a similar one that he loves. And I also wanted to see if I could make a bear. Also, I would like to congratulate you on your new grandson, he is precious! I hope that everything will go well for him with the heart operation and everything. Thanks again and have a wonderful day! Sorina Hagianu / Athens

Lorraine - Thank you so much for taking the time to put together the two tutorials. I purchased the baby tutorial earlier and just today received the tutorial for the lady. I am so excited to try the lady. Your instructions are great and detailed - the step by step pictures are what make these tutorials the greatest. I am looking forward to your next. Roberta Graham/Harper,Kansas,USA

I just wanted to let you know that I purchased the Female Character Tutorial yesterday and had a go of it today. I was amazed at how informative the photos and text was. I have never done modelling before and was extremely pleased with my first attempt. I have posted a photo on the British Sugarcraft Guild Gallery and told everyone how fantastic your Tutorials are. I would love you to write a book and I certainly would buy it. Any chance of a bride and groom Tutorial sometime please? Carole Lowe / Nottingham, England

Hi Lorraine, I've been a fan of your amazing work since I joined Flickr and recently purchased your Baby Topper Tutorial. I found it so easy to use with clear, concise instructions and great photos to follow. I made one tonight. It was rushed so it's nowhere near perfect. I wanted to do a trial before I use it (whenever that may be!) which was good as I needed it! I made a girl and unfortunately was a bit heavy handed with the black paste. Poor girl looks like she's ready for nightclubbing! But that's good because I know better next time. I really enjoyed making this and am looking forward to all your future tutorials. You are such an inspiration and I think that it is absolutely wonderful that you're willing to share your amazing talents with us! Thanks again and have a wonderful day. Bec / Australia

Hi Lorraine Thank you so much for taking the time to teach how to make the people Cake Topper. I am from Russia but living in Ireland. I have ordered two of your tutorials. I hope I will improve my skills after receiving.... Best Wishes Julia Babikova

quote from Frank Varney / Los Angeles: "I had so much time left on Saturday, I decided to use the tutorials from my pal Lorraine (she’s an amazing cake artist, you should check out her blog!) to create a Panther (our mascot) couple out of sugar. It was a lot of fun, but clearly I’ve got room for improvement." Lorraine says: I don't see room for improvement here Frank! The cake is altogether fabulous! Cheers!

The most fun I have ever had making a cake - immortalising my mum and my son in sugarpaste! A huge thanks to the fantastic Aine2 for her help and advice. Penny Blake / Epsom, Surrey
Hi Lorraine, I just wanted to say a quick thank you for sharing your recent tutorial. Your work is wonderfully detailed and comprehensive; and the addition of photos is fantastic. I haven’t done any figure modeling before and I was unsure of where to begin. The books I have, have great written text, but there is a lack of step-by-step photos, which I feel is necessary for someone of my ability. (a beginner) Thanks so much for sharing your talent. I’m already looking forward to your next installment, and I will certainly be recommending your lessons to my cakey friends. With many thanks, Tash Jeffery/ Western Australia