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Friday, 23 March 2012

Butterfly cookie...what an effort!

How could one little cookie take so long to decorate? I won't be selling these for a living, but sometimes it's just fun to do something different. I spent forever making the cookies, rolled the dough between two pieces of parchment and left in the fridge all flattened and ready for cutting in an hour or so. Cookies cut perfectly I have to say...round one. Round two, making the royal icing which I did using proper egg white as it makes a much better icing in my opinion but then I'm no expert. For texture and taste I don't think you can beat it. Outline the cookies...and wait. Then flood them with colour...and wait. THEN decorate the tops with a fanciful this time patience truly was a virtue that I didn't possess. I did these as quickly as possible and was glad the entire process was over. I did bag them beautifully and tie with ribbon, all to hand over to my grandchildren who simply ripped them apart and ate the cookies in jig time. Job done! So...HATS OFF TO ALL YOU COOKIE MAKERS! I applaud you, the job is yours!


Katieb said...

they look gorgeous Lorraine! I agree, I have no patience for decorating cookies and applaud everyone that does!

Marj said...

I totally understand... I, too, have tried my hand at cookies and cake pops and both left me completely exhausted. How can something so small take so long to do??

Your cookies are quite cute!