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Friday, 1 June 2012

Facebook and Pinterest

Everyone knows about Facebook these days.  You know you can follow Extra Icing on Facebook too.  There's hardly a place I go at any time where I don't meet one of my Facebook Mafia!  I absolutely love it.  The interaction, appreciation, sharing, fun and also the knowledge that we all have each others back.  A bit strange to say when a lot of those who follow us and those who we follow we haven't actually met in real life.  Although, I have to say that I surely have met thousands.  I might not be good at remembering a name but faces I am more familiar when you walk up to me and say "hey!  It's me!"  I can say "yeah!  So it is!"  The next thing to come along and take our interest is Pinterest.  Pinning things that interest you onto boards for public viewing, so that everyone can see what fun stuff interests you and get to know more about you and the type of person you are.  I have discovered already that most people who follow what interests me are very much the same things that interest them too, seeing on their boards a multitude of pink and sparkly to die for...foods from around the world.  Yeah!  It's just another place to run to and have a little fun when the day has been long and weary.  So if you haven't heard of Pinterest or wonder what it's all about...go check it out!
Finally, and sadly...the last couple of weeks haven't been the best I have to say.  My beloved little dog, Barney, went to sleep on the 18th of May.  He was diagnosed with Addison's Disease and although he was being monitored to have medication to sort him out, it wasn't going to be so easy.  He deteriorated very quickly.  The decision to end his misery was a hard one but I know it was the right one.  Barney was only 4 years old.  His life was much too short, but I am grateful for the time we spent and happiness he brought.  The house is empty without him.

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