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Monday, 6 August 2012

Easy and affordable

I absolutely love teaching hands on...but I do understand that not everyone can make it to a class, so the next option for me is to offer what I do in a simple way by giving you step-by-step instruction in my own words, my own editing and my own personal way.  The tutorials are affordable, one payment and the steps are yours for life.  If you lose your file you simply let me know and I can replace it for you at no extra cost...although it does help greatly if you can keep the file where you know to retrieve it and look after your passwords carefully.  Help me to help makes life so much easier.
You don't have to print off the entire guide if you don't want to.  Zoom in to pages that you find the most useful...don't print off the advertising page with all the colour if you choose not to.  This page is simply to attract you to what the inside has to offer, like the front cover of a book.  But the finished project is photographed at the end of the guide so less of your ink is taken up.  Mind you...I do love to see the files presented to me in a classes for signature from those of you who have bound them and kept them as a little booklet.  It makes me smile...and I thank you as always for your support and enthusiasm.  More tutorials will be coming your way in the future months.  Take advantage of the offers on the website and grab yours today!

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