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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Forgive me...tears of a frog!

Aw!  How can you possibly resist??  After making Daniel's Tom and Jerry cake there were many e-mails asking for a tutorial on the subject.  But as you know, Copyright characters cannot be replicated by anyone other than the rightful owner, so Daniel's cake is now a thing of the past and was simply created for him to enjoy and remember always.  Why not try Debbie Brown's "Cartoon Characters" book for inspiration and help with those kind of designs?  She has more than one book that offer children's well known characters so it's not for me to take that on and then get myself hung, drawn and quartered.  BUT....I decided that, despite all of my rantings and ravings about the messy goo that is better known as Rice Krispie Treats, I had to offer my version of what I do and more to the point, what I am beginning to really enjoy creating.  Instead of offering you the flow of sugar figurines, I will be bringing you a little 'Extra' as it were, in the form of bigger characters with a little humour...well, maybe I ditched the humour in the above...but it IS something different.  I hope it will give you a little confidence to try something new and show you easy it can be to created something on a larger scale that is very lightweight and can be added to a larger cake to make a bold statement!  It's all about the fun at the end of the day.  Enjoy it... Get your tutorial today at Extra Icing Shop.

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