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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Happy Hour!

A little recipe for you....two measures of Malibu, one measure of Vodka, top up with orange juice, cranberry juice and soda whatever quantities tantalise your taste buds.  I use around a third of each to fill the jug.  You can miss out the soda water if you prefer more concentrated, but the soda water makes me think that there are less calories floating around in the jug!  Lol!  Larf, larf, larf!  Where alcohol is involved, forget the diet ladies.  This is very pleasant and fruity.  Enjoy!  I found the original cocktail on Pinterest, known as the Barbie Cocktail.  It looked more pink and sparkly on Pinterest, but there was no soda water added and also cranberry and orange was used, and I'm not sure if this was bought as a mix or if you use both orange and cranberry!  Am I confusing you?  I'm confusing me!  In any case, I used both.  So mine looks a little cloudy, but nonetheless tasty.  Go for it!  Plenty ice and you're done!

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