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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Tom & Jerry rules!'s done.  This is Daniel's 5th birthday cake.  The cakes are both madeira with vanilla buttercream filling, 9" and 7" rounds, with a little uneven carving to make them more "cheese" like.  Tom is made from Rice Crispies and mini mallows melted with a knob of butter.  Making those things drives me NUTS but what you can do with them and how light they are is a bonus, so I guess I'll keep on doing it if I get the results I look for in the end.  All the cursing is worth it.  Tom stands 10" tall and the entire creation is on a 16" x 18" board, covered in red paste (because I had so much of it left over from previous and had to use it soon!) and airbrushed a little darker than I wanted but it still turned out okay in the end.  Can't wait to see Daniel's face now.  I hope he recognises his favourite cartoon characters otherwise I've had it!

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